Sportsbookreview (SBR)

Dmitry Khlestkin


Sportsbookreview is also one of the largest affiliates in the world. During its existence, the firm has helped gamblers to recover more than one million dollars, while it rates more than one thousand betting firms.

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The Sportsbookreview company has information regarding more than 200 online bookmakers. It uses a rating system from A to F, with A+ being the top score a company can obtain. The website also has information regarding countries which are forbidden to register with certain betting sites as well as contacts, language information, currencies and news. One of the main features of Sportsbookreview is its video section.


The Sportsbookreview website has a number of different divisions, such as the ‘best betting companies,’ bonuses, a black list a centre for comparing odds and a forum. There is also an option for searching for specific criteria from a betting company, such as country, currency, type of sport and many more. Those companies who have been included on the black list, are firms that Sportsbookreview believes should not be trusted.

In the section where gamblers are able to compare various criteria amongst the various betting firms, users are able to easily find the best odds on offer. Meanwhile, in the form, users are able to leave their comments and exchange views about various betting companies. They are also able to comment on various topics or ask questions.

Sportsbookreview has videoblogs, gives advice about betting and has news about various betting companies and has archives, which hold information about betting companies for the last five years.

Sportsbookreview has information concerning gaming commissions, organizations and associations, which help those suffering from gambling addictions, as well as interesting and important developments in the gaming industry.

Sportsbookreview also has a number of different leagues and championships for its users.

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