Asian handicap

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Asian handicap may be positive or negative, single or binary. Single Asian handicap may be integer or fractional, divisible by 0.5.

Binary Asian handicap is a sum of two single handicaps, for example, “-1, 1.5”, and may be shown in two ways – with a comma as in our example, or a value, divisible by 0.25. For example, Asian handicap “-1, 1.5” may be shown as “-1.25” and it would be the same Asian handicap.

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To make a calculation of a bet with Asian handicap, a definite value is added to or subtracted from the outcome of the team/player chosen by a punter and if the team/player wins in the match after that, so does the bet. If the outcome of the event is a draw after the handicap is applied, a punter gets his bet returned (it’s the case of an integer Asian handicap, for example, (+1) or (+2)). If the chosen team/player loses after applying the handicap, the bet loses.

For example, in a match between Manchester United and Liverpool the bet is placed on Manchester United’s victory with Asian handicap (-2). If the match ended with 3 goals from Manchester United to 1 from Liverpool, after applying Asian handicap the score would be 1:1, which means the return of the bet. To win, the punter needs the victory of Manchester United with a gap of three goals or more, and if Manchester United won with a one goal gap, lost or the match ended in a draw, after applying Asian handicap the bet would lose.

Binary Asian handicap should be explained in detail. In this case the amount of the bet is divided in two – one half goes to the one value of the binary handicap and the other half goes to the second value. The calculation of the halves is made according to the conventional rules of Asian handicaps.

For example, in a match between Newcastle United and Doncaster Rovers a £1,000 is placed on a victory of Newcastle with a +1.75 Asian handicap, which also may be shown as +1.5, 2. In this case one half of the bet goes to +1.5 handicap and the other half goes to +2 handicap. Later, the both halves of the bet are calculated separately.

It should be noted that if a bet with a handicap, included in an accumulator, resulted in a return, it would get the 1.0 odds in the accumulator and the whole multiple bet would not lose.

P.S. Asian handicap should not be mistaken for European handicap.

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